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Judy Panning

Music Educator
Certified Alexander Technique Teacher
Developmental Move
ment Facilitator
Focus & Learn

Parent and child work with movement in various ways to improve a child's ability to function successfully in the world.


Better coordination, focus or learning can happen at any point in life.

There's help that's movement-based and effective for rewiring the brain!

Drug free.

Make Music

Parent/child music and movement classes

Preschool music and movement classes

Drumming for teens and families

Alexander Technique Lessons

Work one on one to learn to move

with ease and less pain

through private Alexander Lessons.

My Approach

My goal is to help children who have trouble in school. Too many are labeled or prescribed drugs to help them get through their early learning years. I've found non-invasive ways to help children and adults who want to make their lives better.

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About me

As a 35-year veteran music teacher, I love to see students grow in knowledge and understanding. I love

helping people realize

that they are able to

create and achieve.

I originally looked to Alexander Technique to help with pain and discomfort while playing flute, but it ended up helping in every other facet of my life too—especially as a student-athlete. I became more in tune and aware of my body and learned so many new ways to take care of myself and to be more thoughtful with movement.

Heather, flute and Ultimate Frisbee player
University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
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