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My Approach

Do you know a child who has . . . 

  • Trouble learning at school

  • Poor coordination

  • Attention  problems

Do you know an adult who has . . .

  • Too much stress

  • Chronic pain

  • Repetitive motion issues

Perhaps this will help . . .

  • Developmental movement

  • Reflex integration

  • Timing training

  • Better coordination
    with Alexander Technique lessons

I believe everyone can be successful given the right tools. In music education it's the primary music skills (keeping a beat and singing in tune) that lay the foundations for literacy, understanding, and good musicianship. In general education it's learning to focus on the right things that allow children to learn and grow. In the workplace it's a vast array of skills that build a foundation for successful work.

It all begins with movement:

  • babies move to learn and develop their brains

  • children in school develop large motor skills and fine motor skills

  • adults in the workplace use specific moves on the job or suffer from too little movement that creates tension


Music classes are filled with books, movement, instruments, creativity, fun!

The rest of my work involves using listening selections or specific movements to help children integrate developmental reflexes and train their timing for better thinking and improved coordination. For adults I can help to recognize and improve movement habits to allow the body to function more efficiently with less tension and pain.

All methods are non-invasive, non-medical and drug free. They involve listening, moving, identifying patterns, and improving coordination between brain and body. The work seems simple, but the effect on the nervous system is powerful!

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