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Building Better Focus
RePattern the brain through movement
with timing, listening, or movement interventions. These powerful, interactive methods allow children to develop their coordination and thinking abilities
to have more success in school and life
without taking drugs.

One-on-one sessions

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Course of 12 sessions $30 each 

What is Interactive Metronome®

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is a training tool that improves neurotiming. IM Training has been shown to provide improvement in cognitive,

communicative, sensory and motor performance. Clinicians report dramatic improvements in attention, processing speed, reading comprehension, executive functions, mathematics, self-regulation, reading rate and fluency, expressive and receptive language, working memory, motor coordination and athletic performance.  


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What happens in a session

The first session is about finding out how the child can function.

We’ll check timing and attention, chat about the child’s likes and

dislikes and make a decision about how to proceed.


The next sessions are about building timing. We begin by using movement props (like a mini trampoline, balance board, exercise ball or rocking bands) to initiate the beat. Music with a specific number of beats per minute helps to determine where a child’s natural timing falls. 


From there we move to the Interactive Metronome program and use game-like tasks to build timing skills through the body. The child wears headphones and watches a computer screen to click a trigger on the beat using combinations of hands and feet. The goal is to help the body to build better communication within the brain. That allows children to function more effectively.


Just like learning any skill, building timing is best done with practice. A budding basketball player will want to shoot hoops to improve. A beginning musician needs to practice to make progress. Early readers need to spend time with books to become fluent. The Interactive Metronome works best with many short sessions help build strong pathways in the brain so that the improved thinking skills become permanent.

In addition there are some games that children can play at home to enhance coordination.


Filtered Listening

Frequencies are limited or enhanced to exercise the ear in just the right way to build connections in the brain that will improve focus, thought processing, or attention. We choose the program that best fits the needs of the student then add some specific movements to build coordination for both body and brain.

What happens in a session

The student puts on headphones to begin listening to the chosen program. We do the prescribed exercised or game for the day then sit and listen while doing a quiet activity. The session is about an hour long, and the number of sessions is determined by the program chosen.

Developmental Movement and Reflex Integration

Children are born with reflexes, automatic movements that allow the child to explore the world and develop the brain—essentially to learn. Sometimes a child gets "stuck" in one of these baby patterns either because of an illness, injury, or lack of opportunities to move as an infant and toddler. This slows down brain growth and results in learning delays or attention issues.

What happens in a session

The student moves through a specific series of movements designed to integrate the reflex and allow the brain to grow. Exercises can be continued at home to speed up the process.

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